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Ashley Does Ads... wait, what?

Ashley Painter Marketing & Design


I'm Ashley, and that's me. When I am not busy recreating 90's album covers, I am a marketer, business-owner, mom and lover of BIG hoop earrings. 



1)   Marvel Nerd

2)   Hammock Lover

3)   Kitchen Dancer

4)   Party Host

5)   Potty Mouth

6)   Rule Breaker

7)   Solo Traveler

8)   Tattoo Collector

9)   9-5 Quitter

10)  Diabetic Mama

I read somewhere that the most visited site on your webpage is your about section  - crazy right? That is until you remember that the internet is just full of bathroom-cabinet-peekers and social media creepers. Let's see if I can make it interesting for you, shall we?

Pop-culture quoter, meme referencer, and reluctant cat owner who spends as much time as possible in my hammock.

When I'm not working: you will find me furiously checking items and trips off of my bucket list. 

At home I like to: torture my kids with my ~*sweet*~ dance moves and off-key renditions of Hamilton, Queen and Taking Back Sunday.

I'm very into: supporting small and local-owned business; I haven't shopped on Amazon since February 2020. 

I have always said that I want to go everywhere and do everything, but please do not ask me to: run, snowboard, paintball or speak in public. (Actually that last one might get me to run).


Years in Marketing: 12

Past Titles: Marketing Director, Events & Social Media Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Visual Merchandiser, Bartender

Past Industries: Automotive, Construction, Hospitality, Beauty

College: University of Delaware


Name: Ashley Painter Marketing & Design

Incorporated:  November 2020

Located: Wilmington, DE


# of Employees: 1 - Just me for now!

Phone: (302) 514-1986


Hours: ehhh, we kind of wing it around here.


Yes, I know *exactly* what my URL sounds like


I started my business: accidentally, and that's the truth! 🤣 I never dreamt of being a business owner but the idea was presented to me after years of friends and acquaintances inquiring about marketing. So during shutdown in 2020, I started designing a logo... then a website, and things just kind of unfolded from there.

My ideal client is: someone who can really benefit from my help and knowledge. 

A future business goal is: a brick and mortar office space with a team of employees under me. 

The question I get asked most: "Do you do, like, business cards and stuff?" Why yes, yes I do. Head over to my FAQ's page for more.

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