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Graphic Design

Proper branding and logo design establishes your identity, helps you to stand out among competition, conveys a message to your clients (whether it’s the one you want or not), creates visual standards for your organization and lays the groundwork for how you show up in future marketing.

A well-set up brand includes primary & alternate logos, your brand color palette, set of 2-3 complementary typefaces, brand image guidelines and more!


Your brand represents you across all customer-facing sales materials such as business cards, event fliers, your website, social media, truck graphics, banners, billboards, and print ads so making sure it is consistent is key to staying top-of-mind in an oversaturated market.

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Logo & Brand Design

Small business logo design and branding

Branding: More than just a pretty face. The way your brand is set up says a lot about who you are, what you do, and who you want to attract. Starting things off with a clear message and a solid foundation sets you up for long-term recognition and success. 

Who it's for: New businesses who are starting from the ground up! You have no current logo, no current company colors or look, and want to establish one to build a brand foundation. Someone who has plenty of ideas on what they would like their brand to look like but is unsure how to implement them into a cohesive brand logo or message. Someone who wants to stand out from their competition and has a long-term goal for their small business. 

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Logo Revamp

Give your existing logo an update

Did you have your current logo created by yourself, a friend or freelancer? Something quick, cheap and simple that worked for a bit but doesn't work anymore? A logo revamp takes your existing logo and gives it a facelift - keeping the things you like, removing the things you don't - and elevating your brand to the next level.

Who it's for: An existing business that may have an outdated logo or and old logo; one that was thrown together quickly or cheaply when you first launched your business in order to have something. This is for small business who is ready to rebrand and start with a professional new look, while also keeping elements of the old logo that you prefer. Think of this one as a logo makeover. Also works for businesses who are expanding and are looking for a sister logo inspired from an existing one.


"Just a Logo"

For when you need a quick logo for a business card

A good starting logo. Receive a professionally designed logo that can be expanded on in the future. Build the framework the right way, so that when you are ready to grow you don't have to recreate the wheel.

Who it's for: A small business with big dreams and an economy budget. 

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A la carte

Need a business card made?

Graphic design services for when you need a specialty project done. Billboards, print ads, direct mail, business cards, event graphics, walk t-shirts, banners, site signs and more.

Who it's for: Non-profits, teams, bands, churches, organizations, you name it! Anyone that needs a graphic but doesn't have the time, creative energy, or ability to do it. 

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