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Search Engine Optimization is the term for a collection of  strategic steps taken on your website (and wherever your brand appears online) that help your business to show up when people search for products or services that you offer.

SEO covers more than Google. It is comprised of social media management, third-party listings, website copy, blogging, and reputation management to name a few. And, contrary to popular (outdated) belief, there is a whole lot you can do to show up in Google search results without having to pay for expensive advertising.


The copy on your website, the way your website URL is set up, how you type your address on your website versus your Facebook page, all of these things matter. Spending money on Google ads is not going to help your business show up to search engines if what you are doing for free isn't optimized. 

Web Design

Website SEO Audit

Rank on Google

In order to begin to rank organically to search engines, your website should be set up to do so. Your page loading speed, use of keywords, meta tags, page titles, URL building and more go into how Google and other search engines rank you. The website SEO audit does a complete dive of your company website to identify areas of improvement that you can make organically to show up on search engines. 

Who it's for: Businesses that want to show up for their potential customers when they search on Google but don't know how to get there. 

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Third-Party SEO Audit

Build digital equity.

Think of digital presence like a tree. Your website is the trunk of the tree, everything you do and everywhere you show up online comes back to that tree. Yelp, Bing, Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, industry specific sites, all trace back to that core, that tree. 

This is why it is so important to make sure you are being shown consistently across the web. Consistent business information is important so that top listing sites can recognize you as the same place.


The more places you show up online - and the more they can tell it is your business - the more likely you are to show up in search results. 

Who it's for: Anyone who can't figure out how to change their business hours on Google. 

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Quarterly SEO Maintenance

Show up in search results

SEO is not a set it and forget it type of thing. As consumer needs change, so will SEO strategy. Potential customers have needs that will change, and if your website copy is using keywords that are outdated, your company is not going to show up in search results:, even if you provide the service that they need. Additionally, Google and other search engines like to know that you are active and open, so frequent website updates bump you back to the top of their list - and recommendations. Don't invest in your business to place it on a shelf to collect dust, proper maintenance of your digital presence is what will keep you top of mind with leads and search engines. 

Who it's for: Anyone who put the initial effort into optimizing their search engine ranking and wants to keep the leads coming. 

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