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Choosing a local marketing company

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For many small businesses, hiring a dedicated team member to handle marketing means increased costs and training; things that that you don't have the resources for. The alternative? A big, expensive marketing agency that you don't have the budget (or even the need) for. See why a local marketing contractor could be the solution for you.

Local interaction

My entire marketing career has been in Delaware. That means dozens of connections, networking opportunities, and relationships built over the years. 

Being local also means face-to face meetings, personal relationship and a real person, not a team member.

Local knowledge

I once worked for a company who outsourced their social media management to a national agency who posted "a beautiful day to take a walk across the Delaware Memorial Bridge!" across social channels. IYKYK. *Cringe*

Plus, I have been on marketing teams in automotive, construction, hospitality industries, led teams and been mentored by some of the best.

I care (really)

As a lifelong resident of Delaware (and proud University of Delaware alumni!), I am invested in our community, literally and figuratively.


I own a home, run a business, and raise a family here, and I want us to succeed. 

No gimmicks

Unlike national companies with sales reps and goals to meet, I have no stake in how many people I can onboard. I genuinely want you to succeed. This means no unnecessary add-ons, no upsells, no smoke & mirrors. 

No secrets

My non-compete promise means I won't work with any direct competitor of yours on the same service. This means, one landscaping company, one real estate team, one beauty salon, at a time.  


Hiring a marketing contractor means only paying for what you need. This means all the experience and work of a marketing associate without the salary - or big agency fee - to pay.



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