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  • Ashley Painter

Tune In: XMAS-FM - Holiday Light Shows in Delaware

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Christmas from the car? Now you can. Just tune your radio and enjoy the show!

You've seen the videos online by now of the Christmas lights that play along to music, but did you know we have multiple homes like this in Delaware? We do, and they are so much fun!

If you've never been before, I’ve done the work, so you don’t have to: where to go, what radio station to tune into, and what to expect. So pack up your snacks and hot chocolate, cozy up with blankets in the back, and head out to enjoy the best neighborhood Christmas light shows this holiday season.

What is a neighborhood holiday light show?

Is it a holiday light show? Musical light show? Musical Christmas lights? I don't know what to call it, but I do know the way we do neighborhood Christmas lights has certainly changed since I was a kid.

These days, technology has allowed our most dedicated (and tech savvy) neighbors to put on a show for everyone around!

The holiday light shows on my list all have a coordinating radio station. Simply park nearby, tune in to the indicated station and enjoy the show! Watch the magic happen as the lights change, move, and animate before your eyes along with the music coming from your car speakers. We do this every year and these are my absolute favorite!

A few tips for the first-timers.

Turn off your headlights - you are still in a neighborhood, and it could limit the view of others who are watching

Be mindful of where you park - make sure you don't block the view of another car who could be watching or someone's driveway who is trying to get home.

There is a little bit of everything - expect comedy, sound bites from favorite movies, and light changes along with classic holiday songs.

Pro-tip: map out your trip to hit a few from this list at the same time you plan to visit some from my 2023 Delaware Holiday Lights Tour. It switches up from sitting in the car all night, and a lot of them are close together!

Where to go in Delaware for houses that play music along with their Christmas lights.

*That's what I'm settling on, by the way.

Brower Family Lights

Wright Christmas Lights (88.1 FM)

📍 2432 Granby Road, Wilmington, DE 19810

Brower Family Lights (97.9 FM)

📍 2115 Exton Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810

Marklynn Lights (88.7 FM)

📍 2711 Marklynn Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810

Christmas in Millsboro (90.1 FM)

📍 John Deere Drive, Millsboro, DE 19966

Lights for a Cure

📍 137 Pine Valley Drive, Middletown, DE 19709

That's not all the holiday fun we have in Delaware! Check out my Ultimate Guide to 2023 Holiday Events in Delaware and my 2023 Delaware Holiday Lights Tour.

Did I miss something? Get in touch at and let me know!


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