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4 Reasons to Work With a Local Marketing Team

How to determine if a local marketing team is the right fit for your small business.

For many small businesses, hiring a dedicated team member to handle marketing means increased costs and training; things that that you don't have the resources for. The alternative? A big, expensive marketing agency that you don't have the budget (or even the need) for.

See why a local marketing contractor could be the solution for you.

1. Local Knowledge

While national marketing companies certainly have their perks: a network of team members, a variety of backgrounds and experience, they also have their drawbacks. One of the top ways they get information about an area, YOUR area, is through the internet and we all know that isn't always accurate.

Google images might show Philadelphia instead of Wilmington, Elkton instead of Hockessin, and so on. Scheduling a social media post for a Saturday with the caption "it's a beautiful weekend to get outside" when the weather is gray and rainy isn't going to connect. And talking about upcoming events that locals know have been canceled (but still show up on the "Top Events in Delaware" lists) is a major faux pas and red flag that this company is not one of the locals.

Having a local person who knows the intricacies of our local area and landscape is more genuine when you want to connect to other local residents in Delaware.

2. Personal Interaction

With the development of technologies like zoom, building a relationship with partners across the country (and world) is easier than ever. Larger teams that are spread out mean managing different time zones and having smaller windows of overlapping working hours. Plus, how many times have we experienced a technical difficulty during a call? "Can everyone hear me, now?"

When you work with a local contractor it means​ face-to face meetings at a local restaurant, in-person presentations at an office, and of course, similar working hours. This interaction allows you to build a personal relationship with a real person, not a computer screen. After the last few years, we all can appreciate that a bit more.

3. Local Connections

Working with a local marketing company means access to dozens of connections, networking opportunities, and relationships they have built over the years. Marketing teams know people in graphic design, promotional items, have a contact at Clear Channel for billboards, and know the guy who runs that business down the street.

An experienced marketing person will have connections in a variety of industries like automotive, construction, hospitality, and non-profits.

Local marketing teams work, shop and live in the area they talk about, making their voices genuine and relatable to your audience.

4. Budget Friendly

Unlike large agencies with overhead costs, CEO salaries, and sales reps with goals to meet, a small, local marketing business is not motivated by covering costs. This means no unnecessary add-ons, no upsells, and no smoke & mirrors.

Hiring a team member of your own means paying a full-time salary, offering paid vacation days, covering health insurance costs and more. While it is great to have someone in-house at your disposal, it is not always financially sound for small business, especially those just starting up.

Hiring a local marketing contractor means only paying for what you need. This means all the experience and work of a marketing associate without the salary - or big agency fee - to pay.

Is a local agency right for you?

Hiring a local marketing team provides your small business with budget-friendly access to local knowledge and connections, while building a personal relationship.

If your small business is looking for a marketing expert in Delaware, head on over to the Ashley Painter Marketing + Design services page to learn more about how we help local, small businesses succeed.


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